Heya, my name is Abegail but just call me Abby. I am a countryside girl from La Trinidad, Benguet. I love traveling, eating, taking pictures of the places I visit and documenting them.


I created this blog to inspire people to travel and send them a message that traveling is not that expensive as long as you make it work. This blog is a collection of places I have been, the food I ate and the budget I spent. It also includes the experiences I had during the journey. I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog and you find it helpful. See you around.

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Backpacking in Laos

The landlocked country between Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China has been my favorite country so far. It is accessible by plane, train, boat and bus travel crossing different borders from different countries except Myanmar. Taking the 20 hour sleeper’s bus from Hanoi I started my journey in Vientiane, the capital city of Laos. There’s … Continue reading Backpacking in Laos

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