Ever Since the World VIGAN

Night view at Calle Crisologo
Night view at Calle Crisologo

Declared as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities of the World. I felt so lucky to be able to set my foot on it. Just 4-5 hours away from Baguio by bus Vigan offers a rich cultural experience with its ancient style colonial houses. It makes us go back to the time of Spanish Colonization.

IMG_20150830_142700 IMG_20150830_144640 IMG_20150830_145002

Tourists can tour around the city by kalesa, taking a tricycle or riding a bicycle and just simply by walking like what we did.

IMG_20150830_142904 IMG_20150830_145408

C360_2015-08-30-19-28-08-951 C360_2015-08-30-19-00-47-705

IMG_20150830_144201 IMG_20150830_145033 C360_2015-08-30-14-48-36-725

We also tried some foods in the Heritage Village like empanada and ice cream and Lampong Restaurant’s Cheesy Nachos and Monster Fries which I can say very affordable.

IMG_20150830_143333 C360_2015-08-30-16-57-19-260 IMG_20150830_171943 IMG_20150830_182357

Take a side trip in Baluarte, owned by Gov. Chavit Singson. Baluarte is open to the public to see different kinds of wild animals and get closer to them. It also has Safari Gallery in which you can see pictures and preserved body (not sure) or structure of wild animals. Baluarte is 10-15 minutes away from Heritage Village by tricycle.

C360_2015-08-30-15-47-20-897 C360_2015-08-30-15-47-32-772 C360_2015-08-30-15-48-50-289 C360_2015-08-30-15-50-08-098 1440927112252 IMG_20150830_155221 IMG_20150830_155238  IMG_20150830_155252 C360_2015-08-30-16-39-33-878 IMG_20150830_154127

C360_2015-08-30-16-33-46-228 C360_2015-08-30-15-46-05-837

1440927108377 1440927128079


C360_2015-08-30-15-45-29-058 IMG_20150830_193612_307

Click on the link to see the video of our adventure. 🙂 Enjoy..


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