THE RED CITY: Malacca, Malaysia


Historic city, this is the identity of Malacca (Melaka in Bahasa). During the 1300s this tiny little city was a fishing village ruled by a sultanate. Since it is a coastal city, traders from China, Indonesia and other Asian countries come and go to Malacca to barter their products. Until 1511 when Portuguese colonized Malacca for their ambition to control the trade networks of Asia.

Bahasa traders before the Portuguese occupation.


Malacca is a small city that is accessible on foot especially if you stay in the city center as you will find all the attractions just next to each other. Coming from Singapore, you can reach this city around 5 hours by bus including the long line in the immigration departing Singapore and entering Malaysia.

Malacca is cheap. Yes! It is, that’s why some Singaporeans travel to Malacca not just for holiday but also for cheap buys, services and Malaysian food.

We departed Singapore at 8:00 am via Luxury Coach Service bus located in Orchard Road and reach Malacca at 2 pm. Since it is holiday a long line in the Singapore immigration made this supposed to be 4 hours trip to 6 hours, plus the fact that the immigration officer is on training that made the departure process slower.

After we settled in our hotel room, we start exploring this city. We started on a street nearby our hotel to grab a bite. We pass through Pahlawan Shopping Center to reach the museums as advised by a local we chatted in a restaurant. This is a good strategy to beat the heat because the weather was burning hot.

MYR 5 (Php 40) curry lunch. 



St. Paul’s Hill


There will be quite a hike reaching this place. On top you will find a panoramic view of the city seeing European influenced architectural building. The chapel was built by a Portuguese fidalgo or nobleman, Duarte Coelho, as an act of gratitude following his escape from a storm in the South China Sea but only ruins was left with old Portuguese tombstone.


View on top of the hill.
Portuguese tombstone.
Ruins left from the chapel.

Dutch Square


I read from another blogger that there’s nothing special here. I agree since we just have to stare at the red building, look at the well and fall in line to take a picture of “I LOVE MELAKA” sign. Oh, if you are up for the noisy trishaw, dozens of them are parked in this place.


The noisy trishaw.

Church of Saint Francis Xavier


We continue to walk and we pass by this church. I’m not Catholic but, uhm just in case you are there and it’s Sunday you might wanna pay a visit and attend their mass.


We continued to walk and we found ourselves following the route of Malacca River. A good friend of mine told me about the Malacca River Cruise. It is a 45-minute river cruise experience in which you will indulge in the beauty of colorful mural paintings from the restaurants by the river during day time and will be amused by the bright lights experience at night. A descent price of MYR 16 (PHP 128) is worth the hype along with the classical music played during the ride.




A Famosa


One of the oldest surviving European architecture in Southeast Asia built in 1511. It is a Portuguese fortress built by Alfonso D’ Alboquerque who attacked and defeated the Malacca Sultanate.


Malacca Sultanate Palace


Istana Kesultanan Melaka in Bahasa is a palace-turned-museum that introduces Malaccan life before Portuguese invasion of the city. Here, you will learn the life of a sultan and his sultana and their trading system in the past. Entrance Fee: MYR 5 (PHP 40).


The Sultan’s room.
The Sultan and his Sultana.


Taming Sari


If you are up for more experience in Malacca I suggest trying out the Taming Sari Tower. This 7-minute ride up to the tower will give you a chance to see the whole city on different views. This costs MYR 23 (PHP 184).

Hua Tho Foot Reflexolfy Centre

After a lot of walking our feet deserves some pampering. We just accidentally found this while looking for a nail salon to have our manicure and pedicure but we ended up having an hour foot massage for MYR 40 (PHP 320) highly recommended and NO TIPS needed.




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