Ready?Set! Hike! Tangadan!


Inspired with the movie Floatsam my friends and I embarked in a day journey to Tangadan Falls. With the help of some useful blogs we discovered that this falls is located in San Gabriel, La Union.


We started at 7:30 am via Partas bus from Baguio to San Fernando City La Union. You can also take 6:30 am Partas bus which I highly recommend if you are travelling on the weekends since you expect some traffic along the way. The bus fare costs Php 100 per person. If you are a student you can bring your student identification card and show it to the conductor to avail of 20% discount. From San Fernando we took the San Juan jeepney in the old market, it stops until San Gabriel. The fare costs Php 26 per person. After that ride a tricycle going to where you will start your hike to Tangadan. The tricycle costs Php 20 per head but it varies because on our way back the tricycle driver only charged us Php 75 for four of us.


For first timers like us, it is advisable to get a guide. The hike is quite long because you can’t help to pause and take a picture of the scenery. They are truly ahh-mazing. We tried to contact a guide for our team but with some miscommunication he wasn’t able to guide us. Luckily after a few steps along the way we met Kuya Fred. We asked him some directions in going to Tangadan but he volunteered to guide us. He didn’t gave a specific price he just told us it is up to us.

While hiking I got the chance to talk to him and I learned that the common price range for hiring a guide is from Php 100- Php 250 per person depending on the service. If you just need a guide for a hike going to Tangadan you may pay Php 100-150 per person. Other guides arrange transportation from San Fernando City to Tangadan that costs Php 250 per person.The guide will meet you in San Fernando. Reasonable price I think. 🙂 If you want to hire Kuya Fred as your guide here is his number 0946 975 7498. I highly recommend him. He is really a good guide. 🙂

He also informed me that Tangadan has three stations. Station 1 is the diving spot, 2 is the falls and 3 is on top of the falls where in you can see a nice view and you can dive from this spot.

Station 1: Diving Spot

I am not really sure how deep this is, you should go to try it for yourselves. haha. You can take some rest here. There’s also a store selling beverages and snacks.

Station 2: Tangadan Falls


Kuya Fred told us the river is 15 meters deep. It is advisable that you are a good swimmer or hire a life vest. The rent for life vest is Php 50 each for the whole day. There are also cottages available that costs Php 200 and if you want to ride a raft it costs Php 170 for an hour.

Station 3: On top of the Falls.


Some parts of this station require climbers to remove their footwear. Kuya Fed told us we might slip and fall. Safety first.

There is no entrance fee or environmental fee in going to Tangadan. When you reach station 2 you just have to register. The place is really good, the air is fresh and the water is crystal clear and clean. I just hope visitors are responsible enough to throw their garbage on the trash bin or simply carry it with you. You wanna be close to nature and away from the city noise? Then, visit Tangadan.

P.S. Bring your sun block if you don’t wanna have sun burn. It was freakin’ hot when we went there so bringing a cap is also advisable and carry with you liters of water.



Macau: Side Trip of Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong it is a practical idea to have a side trip in Macau. It is a small country across Hong Kong occupied by Portugal. It is branded as “The Entertainment Country in Asia for Asians” and “Las Vegas of Asia”. Obviously, when u heard of Macau the first thing that comes to your mind are casinos.


Actually it is my friend’s dream to visit Macau, but it is obviously expensive. The hotels cost 100 dollars for a single night stay. So I suggested that we fly to Hong Kong and go to Macau through ferry. It is more practical and cheaper since we can stay in her aunts place for free.


We bought a round trip promo ticket to Taipa Macau at Cotai Water Jet for HKD 300. It may appear in the photo above that the tickets are worth HKD 367 but we had discount from the agent who sold us the tickets.



When we arrived in Taipa ferry station we took the Venetian Hotel Shuttle bus. Taipa is near Venetian about 10-15 minutes.



From Venetian Hotel, we took the free shuttle bus going back to Taipa Station since the line for the shuttle going to Sands Macao Hotel is too long that we can’t stand to wait for it. Going back to Taipa, there is a free shuttle bus going to Sands Hotel we use it because it is just near our next destination, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf.














The next time I’ll go to Macau. I will surely try to play in their casinos.. haha


Hong Kong Experience


Last New Year of 2016 I had four days vacation from work. Three months before that time I was fully decided to go to Singapore to experience New Year but sadly my friend who is supposed to be traveling with me backed out from our travel plan because some of her family members abroad will be coming home for the season. I also lost my contact with my Singaporean friend so I thought of just giving up my travel plan for the New Year. But, God is so kind one of my co-worker and friend asked me about invitation letter in Hong Kong. So, Ting!!! I got the idea of going with her in Hong Kong.

Her aunt is so kind to include me on her invitation letter but I still booked my hotel near their place in Tung Chung for immigration purposes. To my knowledge, only family members are allowed for invitation letters so I booked my hotel reservation which I eventually cancelled once I got the confirmation letter.

We booked our plane ticket six weeks before our travel date. I observed that when you travel on the day of new year the tickets are cheaper compared when you travel 2 or 3 days before the new year. In our case I booked our ticket on December 31 and it only costs around Php 3,000 for one way ticket per person. But the return ticket is so expensive especially on Sunday January 3 it costs at least Php 11,000. So I booked our return ticket on January 4 Monday which costs Php 4, 608.53. All in all, our plane ticket costs Php 7, 608.53 each. Of course when you book a ticket there are additional charges such as check in baggage fees which cost Php 1,500 for 20 kilograms, travel insurance Php 500, rice meals Php 300, seat selection Php 300. I cancelled everything even the travel insurance I just purchased our plane ticket with 7 kgs. hand carry baggage.


I took good care of the things we need here in the Philippines. They include the documents that we need in the immigration, our bus reservation from Baguio City to the airport and back. My friend is a first time overseas traveler so I gave her the initiation to plan our itinerary and all the things we need in Hong Kong. I can say she did a good job.

We first went to the ferry going to Victoria Harbor where you can see the beautiful sky scrappers of Hong Kong but sadly, we are quite late for the ferry so we just settle on the Ferry station which is still good because we can see the fireworks and symphony of lights for the New Year’s countdown.

The next day we went to Ngong Ping 360 for the cable car experience. Men, the line was long but we are OK since we can feel that the line was moving. After an hour we were able to buy our ticket. We bought one way standard ticket.You can choose between crystal and standard. Crystal is more expensive since the floor of the cable car is made of glass but I think it will challenge you to face your fear of heights. We are kinda in a budget and I’m not ready for the crystal challenge so we chose standard cable car. It is peak season so it cost us HKD 130. After 20 minutes ride, we stroll around Ngong Ping village, hiked the Big Buddha statue and do a little trekking in Wisdom Path.






The next stop, we rode a bus going to Cheung Sha Beach, which is quite difficult experience because we were lost. We rode Number 23 bus going to Tung Chung that will pass by Cheung Sha but, I was asleep due to too much tiredness and we aren’t aware that we have to tell the driver before taking off to drop us to Cheung Sha so we ended up going back to Tung Chung bus station. Asking some fellow Filipinos they told us to ride the M3 Bus but it was a mistake because it will not even pass by our destination. We asked other people around and gladly they informed us that A35 Bus will pass by Cheung Sha Beach. We first confirmed to the driver if the bus will pass by Cheng Sha and he said Yes. So Wollah!! Cheung Sha Beach touchdown. Well, as they say we just have to accept that not everything will go as plan. We will be lost, left by bus, and so on but we just have to value the memory, the experience and the lesson.

And, Oh! we also met my friend’s relative there. We agreed to meet in the bus stop going to Cheung Sha but because we don’t have contact with each other we just go our on way and happily, they are already there when we arrive. 🙂



The next day we went to Macau, which I am going to talk about on my other blog. So for the last day in Hong Kong it was Sunday I had a lot of experience and lessons learned at that time. It was kinda bad day in Hong Kong. It was raining and foggy so the view in Victoria Harbor isn’t that visible. We enjoyed it anyway. Then we went World Wide Market for shopping for cheap and good buys. I observe that this market is mostly Filipino goods. I saw a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) there. It is Sunday so it is their day off from work. It is a busy day for that market as there are a lot of customers buying their goods and BDO and LBC Remittance centers have long lines. I am honestly surprise to see a lot of OFWs and foreign workers laying cartons along the streets having picnics, playing cards and calling their loved ones in the Philippines. According to my friend’s aunt, it is better to save money than to go shopping and spend money. That is their common way of spending their day off. She has a point anyway. After buying some souvenir we ate at a Chinese restaurant where we had Chinese food such as dimsum. It really tastes good. The waiter brought two kettles of tea and a big bowl. My friend asked her aunt what is it for. Her aunt showed us how it works before we eat. She used the kettle of tea to wash our dishes in a big bowl. It is a manner of making sure that our dishes are clean before eating our food. We also talked about Chinese tradition and culture which gave us  a lot of ideas about Chinese.







This trip made me also observe how Cantonese live their everyday life. Aside from their high cost of living (3-4x more exy than the Philippines) I noticed that their moves are really fast. From their escalators to the cashiers. I can’t complain about their speed in any establishments from restaurants to convenient stores it was really fast. They don’t make people wait and they don’t like waiting.In the escalators, people are still walking up or walking down even though it is moving fast. In the bus, once the passengers get in, the bus will run immediately. The driver will not wait for you to be settled before he or she runs the engine. You gotta have good grip on the side bars going to your seat. I said “she” because it is my first time to see female bus drivers in Hong Kong. Amazing huh! I never experienced any traffic in Hong Kong. During our third day, I was trying to do my make up in the bus but I can’t finish applying my gel liner because the bus wouldn’t stop. The bus only stops for a few seconds if the traffic light is red or in the bus stop to drop or pick up passengers. Love it! Another thing when the bus stops in the terminal, people from the back would immediately move forward, very eager to get off the bus. It’s really different from our practice in the Philippines where in the people in front of the bus will be the first to get off. Then again,  THEY DON’T WAIT. But I saw how discipline they are in terms of getting in line. It is a rare case for them to cut in line. If there is someone trying to do so, some people will show them to the end of the line. They are also pro-environment. Hong Kong is clean. I never saw scattered trash on the street or everywhere. When they go shopping or buy groceries they bring their own eco-bag. It is a very good idea to recycle and minimize the use of plastic bags.  I just don’t like that they don’t consider other people you know. I was honestly kinda pissed when we were in our line going to the cable car in Ngong Ping. There were four children at my back. You now, children, playing, shouting, they even bump me but their 3 mothers just wouldn’t care. One mother saw how her child bothered me but she just stand there and watch not thinking of stopping her child or even saying sorry to me. I really wanna get the hell out of that line at that time. The next thing was, we share the same cable car with a family and their children. Men, my friend really got irritated and couldn’t wait to get out because her eardrums are about to bleed because of the children shouting. Well, as usual, parents just don’t care. I mean come on, you are not the only people in the car. Or at least apologize or say sorry. I told this to my friend’s aunt and she told us that it is common manner for Cantonese not to consider other people. I heard that right.

Overall, my trip was good. I really appreciate the kindness and hospitality I experienced in our hosts’ house the Din family. It was a real worthwhile New Year vacation get away. I will forever remember this memory and if I have a chance, I will come back to this country. I love it here seriously. My friend is also satisfied with this trip and looking forward to come back.


Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur; 4 days travel itinerary


Thinking of having a long weekend budget vacation overseas? Head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and try this travel itinerary and some tips for smooth and not costly vacation.

*Note: Not all photos are from me. I lost some of my photos in KL, when my device was destroyed and I can’t retrieve them. Thanks to a good friend Briand Lancelot Rubin for letting me use some of his photos. Despensa for the quality of some photos, I am lazy to edit them. 🙂

DAY 1:


photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

This is the first place we visited since it is near our hotel. It is just a 5-10 minutes walk from Bukit Bintang where in we stayed in Al Jafs Hotel. Fahrenheit Mall is also a few steps away from Pavilion but we didn’t visit. What I observe with most malls in Malaysia is that their lower floors are all restaurants, food courts and grocery stores while the upper floors are all clothing stores.



Since we stayed in Bukit Bintang going to KLCC, Petronas Tower is just a walk away. There are also Go KL free bus that you can ride until 11 pm.

DAY 2:





What gives me interest in Batu caves is the gigantic statue beside the 272 steps. It is also one of the most popular steps in the world that must be stepped on. The inside is also interesting after climbing the steps you can see more statues and more steps to climb until you reach an altar where in you can pray and light some incense. They also play traditional musical instruments there.



Photo credit by and
Photo credit by and
Lunch at Sushi Tei Restaurant. NU Mall, KL Sentral
Lunch at Sushi Tei Restaurant. NU Mall, KL Sentral



Upon reaching KL Sentral from Batu Caves, we went to the nearest mall which is NU mall to have lunch. We got tired on the afternoon so we decided to spend the whole afternoon sightseeing using the GoKL bus. We hopped on and off on different colored buses since it is free and just circling around the city.


Additional Tip: To save on transportation cost, I recommend you use the Go KL bus line. It is free and it runs around the city. You can see the routes of different Go KL buses on the picture above. This serves as our map and guide to where are we going to get off and what color of the bus are we going to take in going to our destination. The buses are color purple with signage in front (if it is color, green, blue, purple and red). It is perfect time to take the bus after rush hour as it is wide with not much people. We experienced to take the bus during rush hour in the afternoon, men, better be ready to stand up and to huddle with lots of people plus the congestion because of the traffic. And oh, there’s free wifi on the bus :-). Take note that these buses are not for tourists, they are for locals who are working specially in KLCC to avoid too much traffic, so the drivers are not responsible to answer any of your questions regarding your destination. So I suggest that u take a picture of the route map of the buses just like what I did for you to know where to get off and where to transfer buses in reaching your destination.

DAY 3:







photo credit by Briand Rubin
photo credit: Briand Rubin



Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:







The mosque has allotted time for non-moslem visitors. In our case we were able to enter the place at 2pm to 3pm only. For women you are required to wear the purple gown and cover you hair. For men it is fine not to wear the gown but if you want to try it that would be fine too. You have to deposit your shoes or footwear in the baggage counter as it is not allowed to enter the mosque with foot wear, socks would be fine. You can go around the vicinity but non-moslem visitors are not allowed to set foot inside their main prayer hall.


There is a free shuttle van that will take you to Menara Tower from the main street every after 30 minutes. It will also gives you a ride down the main road so no need to walk going up and down the tower. 🙂

DAY 4:





KATSURI WALK10897913_10205434989449737_8039279924027132533_n




This is a Hindu temple you will be ask to deposit your shoes in the baggage counter, socks are allowed. We experienced some of the Hindu traditional music, we watch as they play traditional musical instrument on the altar. When we were there, it was almost 5pm surprisingly one Indian guy approached us and said that they serve free food for people in the temple including visitors. Wow!






I highly suggest that you visit this place last. The products here are good and cheap especially when it comes to souvenir items. The first stalls in the entrance are really affordable and has many items to choose from. If you have skills in haggling then prepare for an excess baggage in going home.


  1. As I mentioned earlier to save for transportation cost, use the GoKL bus and other public transportation. Malaysia has good public transportation from buses to train and monorel. I really don’t recommend taking the taxi since in my experience taxi drivers aren’t honest especially for tourists. They don’t use the meter and insist to pay MYR 20-30 even though it is just a short distance. Although it is written on their taxis that they are meter taxis and haggling is prohibited, they still insist on MYR 20, saying it is traffic.I laugh at it actually.
  2. Book your accommodation in the city center or downtown. I learned from my mistakes in Thailand. Booking your accommodation in the city center gives you easier access to sites. I stayed in Hotel Al Jafs in Bukit Bintang. I was really satisfied because its location is perfect for me, walking distance to malls, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and monorel station. Everything is convenient so I don’t have to struggle in visiting sites and spend lots of cash on transportation. Take note that from the airport to KL Sentral, it takes 1 hour by bus. So it is not advisable to stay in a hotel near the airport if you plan to experience most of the  city life in Kuala Lumpur.
  3. Avoid changing currencies in the airport. When I booked my ticket I started checking the exchange rate of PHP to MYR regularly on the internet. I exchanged my cash in markets in PH (Block Market, Baguio City). I used to haggle with the vendors when I buy their MYR. I was able to buy MYR 1.00 for PHP 12.00 despite the fact that the exchange rate is MYR 1 = PHP 15.00. So, YES! I win. haha. Compared to the airport, exchanging currencies are more exy, especially if you are buying foreign bills.                                                                              *Overall I enjoyed my stay in Malaysia and looking forward  to go back and visit other places like Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terranganu, Genting Highlands, Langkawi, Sabah etc.            *Yes, I really recommend you to travel Malaysia.

Ever Since the World VIGAN

Night view at Calle Crisologo
Night view at Calle Crisologo

Declared as one of the New 7 Wonders Cities of the World. I felt so lucky to be able to set my foot on it. Just 4-5 hours away from Baguio by bus Vigan offers a rich cultural experience with its ancient style colonial houses. It makes us go back to the time of Spanish Colonization.

IMG_20150830_142700 IMG_20150830_144640 IMG_20150830_145002

Tourists can tour around the city by kalesa, taking a tricycle or riding a bicycle and just simply by walking like what we did.

IMG_20150830_142904 IMG_20150830_145408

C360_2015-08-30-19-28-08-951 C360_2015-08-30-19-00-47-705

IMG_20150830_144201 IMG_20150830_145033 C360_2015-08-30-14-48-36-725

We also tried some foods in the Heritage Village like empanada and ice cream and Lampong Restaurant’s Cheesy Nachos and Monster Fries which I can say very affordable.

IMG_20150830_143333 C360_2015-08-30-16-57-19-260 IMG_20150830_171943 IMG_20150830_182357

Take a side trip in Baluarte, owned by Gov. Chavit Singson. Baluarte is open to the public to see different kinds of wild animals and get closer to them. It also has Safari Gallery in which you can see pictures and preserved body (not sure) or structure of wild animals. Baluarte is 10-15 minutes away from Heritage Village by tricycle.

C360_2015-08-30-15-47-20-897 C360_2015-08-30-15-47-32-772 C360_2015-08-30-15-48-50-289 C360_2015-08-30-15-50-08-098 1440927112252 IMG_20150830_155221 IMG_20150830_155238  IMG_20150830_155252 C360_2015-08-30-16-39-33-878 IMG_20150830_154127

C360_2015-08-30-16-33-46-228 C360_2015-08-30-15-46-05-837

1440927108377 1440927128079


C360_2015-08-30-15-45-29-058 IMG_20150830_193612_307

Click on the link to see the video of our adventure. 🙂 Enjoy..

Stranded in this beautiful Island of Calyan

A view from the watch tower. I didn’t use filter.

Calayan island is one of the four island of Calayan Group of Island or Babuyan Group of Island. The three other islands are Dalupirit, Camiguin and Babuyan. Fuga Island, the fifth island and the first island you will pass by when you cross the Babuyan channel is a private island. I found this island through looloo app article titled “The 5 unspoiled island in the Philippines”. I saw the pictures and they are majestic. What’s next? Of course my #YOLO spirit brought me here.

The Journey

I caught the 9 am Partas Bus from Baguio going to Laoag, as advised by users. I was thinking of taking Baguio- Tuguegarao- Claveria route but a good adviser told me that it’s quite difficult to get a bus or a van from Tuguegarao to Claveria and I might not catch the early lampitaw in Claveria.

It took 8 hours to get to Laoag due to stop overs and passengers picked up by the bus from La Union until Vigan.While on the ride I kept in touch with my homestay and the boatman who will take me to Calayan. My boat will leave at 6 am next day. It’s already 5 pm when I reached Laoag. I was thinking of taking a Florida bus going to Claveria when a woman whom I met in the toilet of Partas Bus Station in Laoag told me that I can go with her to Claveria Tours bus station because she’s going home to Adams, Ilocos Norte. See that’s the essence of solo traveling you meet people along the way. 🙂

We rode a tricycle going to Claveria Tours bus station it costs Php 20.00. Because it was holy week a lot of passengers are waiting and we weren’t able to catch the last trip going to Claveria but luckily another bus is coming to get passengers going to Claveria. Yes!

It was 6 pm when we left Laoag. Crissa, the girl I met before kept me entertained while on the ride. We talked about a lot of things, family, job, school, boyfriend things and travels. We exchange numbers and facebook id’s. Until now, we keep in touch with each other. Sadly, she needs to get off to Adams. Thanks to her my trip wasn’t boring at all.

I reached Claveria at 9 pm and I’m quite early for the boat so I asked some passengers if they know any budget hotels where I can stay for the night. One passenger told me to try Agri-Base Multi-purspose  Cooperative. We got off to the market then I rode a tricycle going to Agri-Base. The accommodation is very cheap Php 150.00 but it’s the worst. The room has double size bed, television and electric fan (not bad) but, too dirty. The sheets, blankets, pillows, are not replaced or washed from the previous guests. The common toilet and bathroom is dirty. The sink is clogged with a bloody water from a washed fish. Damn! soooooo yuckie…. I decided not to sleep. I didn’t lie on the bed I just sat down until 4 am. I took a very quick shower and I left the place as quickly as possible because I can’t stand it.

I reached Taggat Lagoon 5:30 am just on time to meet Kuya Isad, the boatman who will take me to Calayan. We left Claveria at exactly 5:55 am along with two college students going home to Calayan. The journey was good but tiring and a little bit dangerous due to the waves.,In some part of the channel waves are calm but passing by Fuga Island men, better get ready for a raincoat you will totally get wet. I saw sharks for the first time while crossing the Babuyan Channel. The ladies with me are friendly. They told me how beautiful Calayan is. Finally after 6 hours we reached Calayan Island. Wooh!

Leaving Claveria at sunrise! The journey of crossing Babuyan Channel begins.


Things I did/ My itinerary:

There are many things to do in Calayan Island actually in my case my budget was not enough so I just visited the highlight of this place which is Sibang Cove. In my honest opinion this beach is the most beautiful I have been so far. I love the peaceful, undeveloped vibe of the place. When I sat there I only met less than ten people local and travelers enjoying the sand and waves of the beach.

The Lone Islander in Sibang Cove, Calayan Island



I also hiked Nagudungan  Hill, then went to another beach which is called Canarawa beach.

This place got more things to offer.
Reflecting? Soul searching? haha
Catching the sunrise. 🙂

Canarawa Beach

Keep calm and carry on.


Next, my guide took me to Bataraw Falls and I freaking forgot my phone so I didn’t have the chance to have my own photo of this place. How stupid I am not bringing enough money and forgetting my camera. Anyway, this is a good place to have picnics.

Photo via Google

Then motor ride to Magcidel for the sunset.

From sunrise to sunset.


The next day, my hostel owner, Mommy Tessie suggested me to visit Cabudadan falls but I skipped it. I am honestly worried because I didn’t bring enough money and the news about the super typhoon broke out so it means I am stranded in this place (this paradise) for few more days without money.

Rabigan Falls, Cabudadan

Photo via Google. This is what I missed but it just means I have reason to return.


So I just hanged out with my hostel’s helper. We went to back to Magcidel in the afternoon to see the place again in a different time (not during the sunset).  She scares me that there’s a mermaid in this beach cave. I’m kinda scared with supernatural creatures actually (haha).


The 4th day, it is Easter Sunday Mommy Tessie invited me to go to church and join their mass. In the afternoon I hanged out with the other guests in the hostel.

Photo via Google

It’s Monday and there is still no lampitaw (passenger boat) traveling to Claveria so it means I am still stranded with no internet connection. My family and friends still haven’t heard anything from me. So I went to municipal hall of Calayan where Mommy Tessie is working as Tourism Officer hoping that my pocket wifi would catch some signal to inform everyone on social media that I am OK and there’s no need to worry. Unfortunately, my wifi didn’t work. So, I just enjoyed bothering everyone in the office talking to them.

Finally the last day I am going home. I will never forget this experience. I promised myself I will come back here to see the places I missed such as:


Photo via Google


I strongly suggest that you bring spare cash because there are chances that you will be stranded just like me especially during the rainy season in which waves are strong and gigantic than the passenger boat. I also struggle to stretch my Php 5,000 budget for 6 days good thing my hostel owner adopted me and provided me with free food on the latter days of my stay she also gave me discount on my accommodation fee. Here is the list to give you an idea on how much you will need for a trip on this island.

Bus fare: Baguio- Laoag Php 465

Laoag –Claveria Php 100

Lampitaw (Passenger boat): Php 500 (one way)

Accomodation: Php 250/ night (TPS Homestay)

*for inquiries contact Mommy Tessie Singun (0908 593 3453 or 0929 837 5737) she also arranges lampitaw in going and leaving the island.

Food: Php 120/ meal (you can cook your own food and there are also eateries, and stores to buy your food)

Tour Guide: Php 500/ day

Rented Motorcycle: Php 200/ day (If you plan to go around the place by motorcycle without guide.)

Diesel or gasoline for the motorcycle: Php 50/ liter

Tricycle fare in the island: Php 30-100 depending on where you are going.

Additional Information:

  1. The lampitaw from Claveria to Calayan and vice versa only leaves 6 am everyday except Sunday or during typhoon so you better be on time because there is no other trip available. If you miss it you have to wait for the next day for the next trip or you can hire a fishing boat which cost Php 10,000.
  2. It is highly recommended that you contact a person from Calayan Island or your host to guide you especially on the schedule of lampitaw because it varies. There are possibilities that there are no lampitaw traveling due to typhoon or holidays (especially holy week).
  3. Cover your bags with plastic bags because surely that your things will be wet. Raincoats are provided by your boatman but I also hope they give life vest because there are people like me who cannot swim.
  4. The island run out of electricity from 12 midnight to 12 noon so you better charge your devices before midnight.
  5. Unfortunately only Smart sim cards are working in this island so if you are Globe subscriber prepare to be disconnected while you are in the island. I also brought my Smart Bro pocket wifi but it is not working, no signal. huhu


You need tons of nerve in traveling this island aside from long land travel, crossing the Babuyan Channel is really exhausting and sickening. I almost cried in the middle of the journey because of unending waves slapping on me. The waves are too big, bigger than the boat. The clouds didn’t hide the sun so the heat kept on kissing my skin that turns out to be totally dark when I reached the island haha! But, every time people ask me what is my favorite place on earth I always say Calayan Island is the best place I had been. It is the place where I had the best experience, met the most amazing local people and learned a lot from them. Yes! I will go back to this place to see the places I missed and will update this blog soon.