ManilaXTagaytay: Holy Week 2016


I have been to other countries’ capital city and I met some foreigners who ask me to describe my country’s capital. I can’t say anything since I am not the kind of person who speaks of something that I haven’t experienced. So, when the opportunity comes I packed my things and explored the city with my friend.

The Holy Week holiday is always a blessing for me. It doesn’t only give me a time off from work with pay. It also gives me the opportunity to travel. I am also aware that during this holiday a lot of people from Manila will go up to Baguio, go home to their provinces, or visit provinces so staying home is not a good idea for me. I got the idea that during this time there will be not much people in the capital.

We left Baguio at 6 am Thursday via Joy Bus (deluxe bus cost Php 700). I made my reservation 2 weeks before the trip because I know during Holy Week, it is peak so, there will be difficulty in getting a bus. We arrived in Pasay terminal at exactly 12 noon. It is freakin’ hot. Next it is time for us to look for a hostel which is located in Makati. According to some source I should take a bus going to Buendia then take a jeepney to Bel Air Village and walk my way to Don Pedro where Z Hostel is located. Well, it took us 2 hours to look for the hostel. People in Manila are not that friendly to strangers who simply ask for directions which I understand they’re just being cautious. So, we asked Police officers, Delivery Riders and Security Guards.


Finally, we found it. Z Hostel, Don Pedro St. Makati, City. I love this place, it is affordable place to stay, the view is good, the rooms are clean, staff are friendly and it has a view deck bar on top( I didn’t check it out). I just hope they have a laundry service although one staff recommend a nearby laundry shop but I’m lazy to look for it. I booked my reservation online 10 weeks before the trip via so I had discount. For two nights stay I payed Php 999.46. For walk in, it costs Php 750 per night. I stayed in mixed dormitory so it is cheaper but my friend stayed in all female dorm room which costs few more bucks but that’s fine. Tip: Book your reservation online it is cheaper and offers 20-30% discount. 🙂

After a quick shower we are ready to see the places in Manila. Our first stop The Walled City: Intramuros.

Intramuros City


Just a few steps from the entrance of Intamuros you can find Luneta Park where the Statue of National Hero Jose P. Rizal can be found. In our case the guard recommend us to take the pedicab going to Luneta Park because he said it was far (We didn’t have any idea what is “far” to the guard). Pedicabs in Intramuros offers tour around the Walled City I am not just sure how much it costs because we didn’t try. Oh! Our pedicab from Intramuros to Luneta costs Php 100 each person. Honestly, the ride wasn’t worth it. It was very traffic at that time and we thought that walking our way is faster than taking the pedicab. We didn’t figure it out  until we reached Luneta. (It is super near). Well, they are just making a living.

Luneta Park 


Taking a jeepney from Luneta we went to Divisoria for cheap buys of course.


Funny experience: A lot of people are so concern about my bag saying I should embrace it or hold it in front. hahaha. Baka daw macesarean yong bag ko. Thanks for the concern though.

The next day we went to Tagaytay to check out how cold it is. Reading some blogs I choose to go to Picnic Grove because it offers good view of the Taal Volcano. I agree to that. The bus fare going to Tagaytay from Manila costs Php 80-85 dependig on the pick up point.

Picnic Grove, Tagaytay City



Tagaytay Picnic Grove has lots of things and activities to offer. Aside from the eco-trail and a good view of the Taal Volcano you can also ride the cable car, experience their zip line, do horse back riding and fish spa.





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