Learning to surf in San Juan Beach La Union


So it is weekend and my sister is craving for some new air to breath, my nephew is hungry for some swimming and I am also looking for a new adventure. Therefore, we packed our bags and head to San Juan Beach La Union. One of my bucket list this year is to learn how to surf and the nearest place to do this from Baguio is San Juan beach.

We took the 7:30 a.m bus from Baguio to San Fernando. We arrived at San Fernando City town proper at 9:30 am from there, we took the Santo Rosario jeepney passing by San Juan beach. The fare costs Php 14.00 each. Upon arriving we decided to take the surf lesson at the first resort that we saw,  San Juan Surf School. For some reason, my nephew backed out from his surf lesson at the last minute. (Oh, crap!)but I still push through with the lesson.



First, the instructor discusses the parts of the surf board, which I honestly forgot. (Haha!) Next the safety precautions  while surfing. Then, the proper positions in standing on the surf board and how will you fall off from it as you approach the shore. I don’t know how to swim but that is fine because you can surf near the shore where it is not deep.



The lesson costs Php 400 for one hour inclusive of instructor and surf board. For surf board rents it cost Php 200 per hour but the prices are negotiable. In my case I paid Php 350 for one hour surf lesson with instructor. They also offer other lessons such as paddle boarding and skim boarding which is Php 400 per hour with instructor. For Kayaking, sorry I forgot to ask but as I said the prices are negotiable.


After surfing we decided to stay a little bit for swimming and beach bumming, there’s a coral pool near the beach where we stayed.


Then we took a shower and headed to the town to grab some halo-halo.


Reading some blogs, I read that the most popular halo-halo restaurant in San Fernando is Halo-Halo de Iloko Balay. I love the ambiance of the place. They don’t only serve halo-halo but also meals. Their halo-halo choices  are delicious and the price is right. It just took a bit long when we eat our orders maybe because there are too many people in that place at that time but overall I really recommend you to check the place out.




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